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Take Back Your

Health & Happiness!


  • Medical Intuitive

  • Critical Care Nurse

  • Bestselling Author

  • Health & Happiness Coach

  • Intuitive Spiritual Healer

  • Speaker


Your illness, pain, or emotions does not define you! Become healthy, happy, and free to enjoy life!


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I'm Marie Anne.  I want to share with you the fundamental truth and wisdom of Healing.  If you have a hard time living with chronic pain or mystery illness, unhappy and unsatisfied with your life and your health situation, feeling lonely, exhausted and misunderstood, I want you to know that you are not alone.   Here's my story: 


After 2 car accidents that left me out of work for almost a year, I was left with cervical (neck) hernia, lumbar (lower back) hernia, and multiple tendon tears on my right ankle.  I lost sensation, power, and strength on my right arm and right leg. I wore a cervical collar, lumbar support, and ankle brace.  I saw 9 different doctors and specialists:  pain management doctor, spine specialist doctor, my primary care doctor, podiatrist, physical therapist, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, orthopedic doctor, and medical massage therapist.  I was in a lot of pain and very limited movement.  My ankle and foot swelled up.  I had sensitivities to medications that even 1 medication left me not remembering what I had done half days of the 3 days after taking it.  It was very scary and it felt like I was losing sense of my life.


I was recommended neck, back, and ankle surgeries.  I had epidural injections along with trigger point injections.  It would take a minimum of 6 months recovery off working as a nurse if I underwent with the neck and back surgeries.


With my experience as a Critical Care Nurse who also works in the Post Surgery Recovery Unit, my knowledge about healing post recovery, along with sensitivities to medications, I asked for other medical professional's opinions.  Putting all this in consideration, I could almost see what my life would be like if I chose the path of surgeries or not.  On an energetic standpoint, as an energy healer, I can see how surgery and healing from it affects the natural energetic flow of the body.  I see it all the time when I'm at work in the hospital.


At some point, I was told that I either do surgery or live with it, and shortly after that, I was also told that, "We can't help you anymore."  

It sounded to me, "This is the most we can do for you."  and I agreed with them... because I was not further improving anymore.  My limited mobility had not been getting better.  It was as far as they can go with me.

I came home that day, felt so uncomfortable in my own body that I just wanted to unzip from my body and step out for a few minutes just to breathe from the pain, heaviness, and the extreme discomfort I was feeling.  One day, I was sitting at the couch and realized I was starting to feel hopeless, anxious, and frustrated.  I couldn't turn adequately, my body was so stiff, in pain, and i can hear my brain screaming from irritation and annoyance.  I cried as I cried stiffly on the couch.  Then I heard myself say,


"I can't do this!  There is no way I can live like this!  What kind of life is this?  No way do I want to live like this!"

Somehow, in the recesses of my being, I felt a glimmer of hope, saying with conviction,

" There has to be a way!  Let's find it!  Because there is no way in this life that I want to live like this for the rest of my life! "

Through this, I've found that as I allowed my mind to be open to Healing as a whole, whatever form healing came for me, I've gained more that I could hope for.  


I was able to unlock the blockages and limitations from my own healing.  My mobility improved that I am able to bend and dance again, turn and twist again.  I went back to work without my ankles swelling and losing power.   I learned how to take of my pain and stiffness flare ups with little to no pain.  Many times, I recognize when a flare up is about to occur before it happens so I can prevent it.  Through this process, I got to learn the wisdom of my own body and the messages of my life.  My relationships improved through communication and connection.  Additionally, these improvements all happened within a very short amount of time.  Moreover, opportunities to upgrade and uplevel my life kept showing up effortlessly.  I never felt more alive than even before I had the accidents... & I was in perfect health before the accidents.


Through this, I was able to personally confirm the fundamental truth that - "Healing comes in all forms, if we only open ourselves to it."


It motivated me to share and help others live this fundamental truth and recover and accelerating their own Healing process.  Since then, I've been passionate about helping others with pain, trauma, and mystery illness take back their health and happiness.  Finding the source and meaning of their life conditions helps them jumpstart their own path to their own personalized healing. 


Outside of Western Medicine, I help them find what is blocking them from their own healing, find simple yet efficient solutions to feeling light, bright, and be equipped in dealing with and overcoming their pain, suffering, and mystery illness. 


Moreover, they find that their relationships with their loved ones improve, especially those who are involved in their care, as well as find the best way to communicate their needs because they can now decipher exactly what they need for their own healing.  They can find hope and learn how to take advantage of their life situation so they can be free, be happy, and create the best life they want. 

If you'd like to jumpstart or accelerate your own healing,

call or email to start your process: 


  • Feeling alone or lonely?

  • Tired and exhausted?

  • Having difficulty sleeping or find it hard to get good quality rest? 

  • Has your life changed due to an accident or illness?

  • Frustrated or angry?

  • Not knowing what's wrong but feel that something isn't right?

  • Lost and Confused?

  • Not knowing what's next?  

  • Lost a loved one (from disease or breakup)?  

  • Feeling unhappy or hopeless?


Emotions are powerful feelings that can significantly affect our health and relationships.  Our life experiences help shape how we react and each person may respond differently to the same exact scenario. 


"It is at the lowest of our lows that our life can actually start afresh.  It is when you think your life is over when it's only just begun."


As we learn to navigate through the ebb and flow of our emotions, we can find that our emotions can become our own personal power tools in engineering and creating...

building the life that we want.

Learn techniques and intuitive insights in processing emotions and letting them flow naturally and with ease. 

Find how to use your emotions to your full advantage.


Know how to look outside the box and create a fresh, new path forward.

Gain tips for healing the heart, the mind, and the spirit.

Our emotions may influence you, but You are not your emotions. Your emotions does not define who you are!  

Ready to learn how to use your emotions to your full advantage and Take back your life?!  Call or email:


Amazon #1 Bestseller

Taking Back Your Health and Happiness -F

Discover the source of your chronic pain, fatigue, and invisible illness.

Marie Anne helps people with pain and mystery illness find the source and meaning of their symptoms so they can start to heal their body and their life.

In Taking Back Your Health and Happiness, she shares her process for achieving self-healing and happiness and helps you learn:

  • The source and meaning of your pain and illness

  • How to deal with your condition in order to live happy and be free to enjoy life

  • To effectively communicate with loved ones to include them in your care and not be burdened by it

  • The obstacles blocking your healing (and how to overcome them)

  • Ways for healing your body while healing your relationships

To contact us, call or email:

(917) 740-8508

As a Critical Care Nurse, Bestselling Author, Speaker, a Medical Intuitive and an Energy Healer, Marie Anne's work is to facilitate healing by identifying the root issues of your life and help you clear away the blockages that keep you from authentically living your best. She is the bestselling author of Taking Back Your Health & Happiness (Hope and Healing from Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Invisible Illness).


Marie Anne lives and practices in New York City.

If you are ready for a fresh look at your condition, explore more with Marie Anne.

For more information,

Call or Email:



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