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Healing & Happiness Sessions (HHS): 


[8 weeks of 90-minute Group Sessions] 

Topics covered/Benefits include:

  • Finding the source and meaning of your pain, suffering, fatigue or illness to help jumpstart your own path to healing. 

  • Recover hope and learn how to take advantage of your life situation to propel you to your path of healing to live free, be happy, and create the best life you want. From life of frustration and misery to a life of freedom and happiness. 

  • Discovering what is blocking you from your own healing.

  • Deciphering the messages of your body and life situations to unlock and recover your health and renew the spirit.

  • Learning to Set Boundaries to prevent fatigue, burnout; feeling drained, and find ways for energetic balance to occur. 

  • Finding simple yet efficient solutions to feeling light, happy, and bright. 

  • Being equipped in dealing with and overcoming your pain and suffering. 

  • Emotion Balancing and Brain Management - (Healing the heart and the mind). 

  • Help improve relationships with the people you love, especially those who are directly involved in your care. 

  • Learn tips to elevate care to your loved ones to ease their suffering from pain or illness. 

  • Aid in finding the best way to communicate your needs be being able to figure out exactly what you need for your own healing. 

  • Incorporate Enjoyable and Sustainable Healthy Habits with ease that is made to fit to your personality and your own unique work-life schedules. 

  • Mapping out a plan to your own specific path of healing. 

  • Help unlock your true healing potential and avoid getting disheartened when you get sidetracked. 

  • Online support via Group Telegram


~ PRICE: $ 699 

[ $4,800 VALUE ]

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