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Healing Haven NY


Keynote Speaker

- Marie Anne has been a motivational speaker in Health and Wellness events, including Mental Hygiene, the Energetic connections related to and in response to the Prevalence of Suicide.  She is the bestselling author of Taking Back Your Health and Happiness (Hope and Healing from Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Invisible Illness).


- As a nurse since 2004, and as a Medical Intuitive, she has been helping others find clarity, unblock obstacles, discover the messages of life and health situations, and renew hope, healing, and happiness for living an optimum quality life.  For a dynamic and engaging speaker at your event, call or email to work with Marie Anne.



 Clarity Session (Remote available)

- This is exclusively individualized and caters to your specific needs, focusing on what is the most pressing that needs to be addressed, what clarity needs to be brought to light, and what blockages needs to be cleared while releasing those blockages that is stopping you from living your optimum best.


- Learn the messages of your body and your life!  It may be in the form of  chronic pain or illness, fatigue, or the sense of feeling stuck, or depressed.  It can even reflect in your relationships with others.   Learn the art of recognizing and releasing your blockages.  When you find clarity in the messages of your body and life situation, you can move forward and start to fully and optimally live your life again! 

Call or email to schedule your session.

** Marie Anne works with detailed focus, prolific insights, and generates innovative methods in helping you find what is holding you back from fully living your best life.


  • Critical care nurse (Licensed RN since 2004)

  • Energy Healer (since 2007, Sedona Arizona)

  • Brain Management Consultant (2009)

  • Energy Mastery (2011)

  • Brain Education Leader/Instructor (2016, Sedona AZ and NYC)

  • Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Reader (lifetime, Sedona Arizona) – What she offers garnered her the nickname, “Pachamama” (Earth, Time, Mother)

  • Bestselling Author of "Taking Back Your Health and Happiness (Hope and Healing from Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Invisible Illness)

  • Energy Based Restorative Yoga Instructor

  • BioWell Advanced Level Reader

  • Vibrational Sound Therapy Practitioner

  • Personal Growth and Development Life and Wellness Coach

  • Expert Speaker

  • Retreat Leader

BioWell Reading and Consultation (In Person required)

- a state of the art SCIENTIFIC measuring device for real time health assessment measuring stress and energy in humans.  It can share the physiological, psycho-spiritual, and emotional-energetic response of your present status.  It also includes music created specifically to your own chakra result which can help balance your left and right brain hemispheric energies.  A copy of your result plus the music will be sent to your email.  The reading includes:

  • Stress level

  • Energyfield and energy reserves

  • Organ balance

  • Chakra status

  • Meridian organ systems

  • Biorhythm

  • Binaural music to balance energies of right and left brain

  • Determines which of the organ's energies need foremost care


Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) &  Sound Baths

- A relaxation modality that helps the body get into a state of deep rest and immediate relaxed state.  It can help bring back to balance and realign the human system molecularly through vibrational frequencies to a cellular level.  Deep relaxation therapies can reduce the symptoms of stress. It improves heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing mechanism; thereby aiding in the renewal and healing of the body.  It can: 

  • Reduce Fatigue

  • Gently Reduce Chronic Aches and Pain

  • Boost Immunity

  • Decrease muscle tension

  • Helps Alleviate PMS

  • Aids in Calming the mind

  • Melt away the harmful effects of stress

  • Help balance mood

  • Induce relaxation

  • Get in a state of deeper, restful sleep

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