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A Retreat to Rejuvinate the Body, Declutter the Mind, and

Elevate the Spirit

Self Love & Renewal Retreat

(Messages of Mother Earth)

An island for an energy healing retreat

"Sincerely Loving Yourself

is the truest form of loving others

and the world."

- Marie Anne June L. Tagorda

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My Promise to Mother Earth

In 2011, during the last day of Energy/Yoga Master Training Course, I had the phenomenon of communicating with nature.

It was a telepathic moment I felt that made me remember my childhood playing and spending outside in nature.

Those, I remember, were the happy memories I had almost forgotten. Being around and spending time with nature were the moments I felt most myself.

It is not just appreciating the beauty of it, but hearing the earth’s voice- the trees, the grass, the stones, and the plant life around me.

That day, the autumn of 2011, I was asked to share their story, the message of Mother Earth.

“Please. Please. Please.”, I heard their cry, the grass, the stones, the trees had said. As I looked ahead, I heard their voices grow louder as the plant life around me chimed in.

“Yes,” I said... as my heart grew warmer and expanded.

“Okay. Okay. Okay. I’ll do it!”, I replied.

At that moment, I felt my eyes opened and could finally see and take in more of the vision of the world.

Then, I heard the earth say with excitement and conviction, “Promise me!”

The lake urged, “Promise!”. The grass eagerly prodded, “Promise me!”. I looked up as the sky echoed these same words. I saw the trees gently nod in agreement, with the ancient wisdom and awareness they carry. It was like a concierto of “Promise Me’s”.

I smiled as happy tears rolled down my eyes. I said, “Okay, I Promise!”. They were so happy.

In that instant, I made the Vow!... to share their story. I didn’t know how...I’m a full time working nurse and an energy based yoga instructor on my free time. How am I going to do this?! Artwork? Paint? Draw flowers,Trees, nature?....

I’m not a great painter. I’m not an artist that can draw well. How can I do this? I don’t know how this is going to happen.

But still....because I already made the promise, I just decided then and there that I will find a way. I don’t know how it’s going to come about, but it will happen.

My heart was so full of love and clarity that I could not deny what my soul was singing.

Well....let me tell you! Now, at this point in my life, I can say that I am an artist! Yes, I am!

I can create ideas and vision into something tangible - making these a reality.

I am a creator of anything really....anything that my heart desires...

Hence, I am an artist! In fact, we all are!

We are artists by right! We are gifted to create the tapestry or the greatest painting of our life!

This - Our life - is and should be our greatest masterpiece!

My heart’s desire is to share the message of Mother Earth with you, along with the guidance of Father Sky, God, the universe.

My soul’s passion is to share our innate nature of connectedness - connection to our internal and external world, connection with people and the natural earth.

We, at the source, is “One in all, All in one”. We are all connected in the cycle of life and death, heaven, earth, and the entirety of humanity.

I am most humbled and excited to share with you, the greatest of my creations (thus far) to this date: 

 MESSAGES OF MOTHER EARTH: A Retreat to Rejuvinate the Body, Declutter the Mind, and Elevate the Spirit.

The retreats are specifically and heartfully crafted with the vision and intention of renewing the body, clearing the mind, and consciously aligning with the spirit in order to experience our profound connection with the earth - the essence of our humanness.


Why this retreat? 

- Through illuminating and unconventional methods, I will share the unusual, simple, yet powerful ways in which you can take back your health and happiness, achieve quality rest and relaxation, as well as connect with your inner truths. 

- Through cleansing exercises, partner work, and deep connection with Mother Earth, I'll share how you can clear the heavy energies from your body and reconnect with your natural rhythm so you can feel truly rested, restored, and rejuvinated in body, mind, and spirit.

- This retreat will combine innovative exercises, guided meditations, and wisdom of Mother Nature to help you find crystal clarity about what’s holding you back... and... also find the strengths you need to move beyond it to find your direction, nurture your gifts, and transition into the next exciting chapter of your life! 


- The retreat focuses on the renewal of the body, mind, and the spirit to help reignite and strengthen your passion, your vigor, and your robust zest for life. 


 Ready for renewal and rejuvination? 

 Call or email:  917-740-8508 

This is a Retreat to Rejuvinate Your Body, Declutter Your Mind, & Elevate Your Spirit.

Messages of Mother Earth Retreats are lovingly created with the vision and intention for the renewal and alignment of all aspects of self.

"By becoming one with nature, we become whole, By becoming whole, we are one with nature." - M. Tagorda 


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