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Pachamama Wisdom LLC


Heather Bright

A friend told me about Pachamama's sessions, during a period there were multiple things going on in my life that I could not make much sense of, but cause me pain, sadness and depression.  For years, I tried to handle these feelings on my own.  Pachamama's insight made me feel as if she could see all of me.  She gave me tips, including how to move forward from where I stood.  Pachamama's conversation forced me to look deeper into my self even after our conversation ended.  I am confident as I get through what Pachamama guided me to do, I will be closer to completely healing.  Thank you for your insight & wisdom.

Jennifer Lee Moulton

Marie Anne AKA Pachamama's healing session with me was divine.  Her gift in tapping into her intuition to help guide you in raising your vibration is an experience you will truly appreciate.  Thank you for helping to guide me through my blockages and moving me one step closer towards completion. 

Rasheedah Long

I had never had a spiritual reading before and didn't really know what to expect.  Pachamama gave me a reading that blew me away.  It was like she knew parts of me and things about me that I didn't even share with her. She tapped into my desires, fears and blocks; some that I didn't even know I had.  Her level of intuition is off the charts.  Then she offers suggestions that aren't overwhelming.  I will continue to use Pachamama as my spiritual guide.  Love you and thank you so much.

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