Marie Anne June L. Tagorda


  • Bestselling Author

  • Critical Care Nurse

  • Pain & Mystery Illness Coach

  • Intuitive Spiritual Healer specializing in Trauma and Emotional Pain

  • Speaker

Your illness, pain, or emotions does not define you! Become healthy, happy, and free to enjoy life!


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  • Feeling alone or lonely?

  • Tired and exhausted?

  • Having difficulty sleeping or find it hard to get good quality rest? 

  • Has your life changed due to an accident or illness?

  • Frustrated or angry?

  • Not knowing what's wrong but feel that something isn't right?

  • Lost and Confused?

  • Not knowing what's next?  

  • Lost a loved one (from disease or breakup)?  

  • Feeling unhappy or hopeless?


Emotions are powerful feelings that can significantly affect our health and relationships.  Our life experiences help shape how we react and each person may respond differently to the same exact scenario. 


"It is at the lowest of our lows that our life can actually start afresh.  It is when you think your life is over when it's only just begun."


As we learn to navigate through the ebb and flow of our emotions, we can find that our emotions can become our own personal power tools in engineering and creating...

building the life that we want.

Learn techniques and intuitive insights in processing emotions and letting them flow naturally and with ease. 

Find how to use your emotions to your full advantage.


Know how to look outside the box and create a fresh, new path forward.

Gain tips for healing the heart, the mind, and the spirit.

Our emotions does not define who you are!  Are you ready to Take back your life?!

Amazon #1 Bestseller

Taking Back Your Health and Happiness -F

Discover the source of your chronic pain, fatigue, and invisible illness.

Marie Anne helps people with pain and mystery illness find the source and meaning of their symptoms so they can start to heal their body and their life.

In Taking Back Your Health and Happiness, she shares her process for achieving self-healing and happiness and helps you learn:

  • The source and meaning of your pain and illness

  • How to deal with your condition in order to live happy and be free to enjoy life

  • To effectively communicate with loved ones to include them in your care and not be burdened by it

  • The obstacles blocking your healing (and how to overcome them)

  • Ways for healing your body while healing your relationships

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As a Critical Care Nurse, Bestselling Author, Speaker, a Medical Intuitive and an Energy Healer, Marie Anne's work is to facilitate healing by identifying the root issues of your life and help you clear away the blockages that keep you from authentically living your best. She is the bestselling author of Taking Back Your Health & Happiness (Hope and Healing from Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Invisible Illness).


Marie Anne lives and practices in New York City.

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