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Get some R & R!

In this time of fast food, fast delivery, bullet trains, and rush hours, we often forget to slow down. For most, this fast paced way of life becomes routine day in and day out that it becomes a habit. I'm not saying it's a good or bad thing but it is important to take time to take a break to recharge, recalibrate, replenish, and rejuvinate.

Here are 3 of my favorites to balance this. I call it the 3 R's: Rest, Relax, Repeat! Simple enough?

Are you getting quality R & R? Can you truly rest and relax when you have thoughts running and occupying your mind, even when you are doing nothing? Why is it a challenge to quiet your mind?

Probably because it's not exercised enough. Muscles are toned and strengthened when exercised on a regular basis. Just like those muscles, we can do the same with our mind.

Schedule in a time in your day to check in with yourself - be it a minute or more, an hour or so. CHOOSE to take time to care for yourself. Let go of what tenses your muscles, organs, and body, the stressors in your life. You can always get back to them after your R & R (rest and relaxation).

Release the thoughts and things that occupy your mind during your R & R. This is your moment, your time! CHOOSE to have nothing get in the way of your R & R, especially yourself - your own thought and emotions. It is important to take time to feel good about yourself by just being in the present,.

REPEAT especially when necessary. (Believe me, it's necessary!)

Happy Resting and Relaxing!

Happy Resting and Relaxing!

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