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When life throws you a fist...

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Do you throw a punch? Or do you take it like a man/woman?

Have you noticed that these past few days have been more challenging than most? Especially with playing or communicating with others. I've been feeling angst and angry energies flying around. Even the mindset of "It's not me! It's you who's the problem!" Whether it is directed at you or not, whether it is coming from you or someone else, you may feel that something just does not seem right.

Life throws us these situations to bring about our awareness in how we work with this type of energy. GRATEFULNESS, I've noticed, is a great ability that we have to face this. Even the fact that being aware of it is something to be thankful about... because that is a start to learning more about yourself and your character, whether or not this is something you need to grow from or something to walk away from.

Mindful breathing can also help in calming your spirit and can help center yourself. Taking a break to be calm and clearing your mind can help you see the bigger picture. It is not wise to make decisions when in a volatile energetic state.

If needing to communicate, I feel it is best to speak from the heart without spite or malice and with no hidden agenda. Speak from a space of truthfulness and care...a space of the well being of all involved. There is no need to worry about how it is received, whether with grace or ego. What matters is connecting with each other. Even when you feel you cannot seem to connect with that person, have in mind that your intent of connection is a form of energy that can facilitate and help activate not only your life energy/spirit, but others too.

The energy you put out is shared by all. And everyone's energy is shared with you as well. It is a part of our life cycle. But guess what?! We have CHOICE. Choice is our superpower. What will you put out? What will you choose?

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